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K-Move Project

Kelly Services Korea is proud to be a leading provider of workforce solutions to the Government of Korea.

We know business today needs greater workforce efficiency, flexibility and access to global talent.

The newly formed K-Move Project has a dedicated team that provides a large pool of multilingual Korean professionals that support your business needs. We specialize in bringing you top talent in a full range of industries and disciplines, including Market Researchers, HR Managers, Communication Specialists, Project Officers and more!

We utilize the latest sourcing and on-boarding strategies and best-in-class training programs to ensure a healthy pipeline of Korean talent for your business. The Government of Korea will also provide an integrated recruitment support system to worldwide enterprise that hires talent from Korea.

To learn how the partnership between Kelly and the Government of Korea can benefit your business, contact Kelly today!

Sophie Kim
K-move team consultant
+82 2 760 8826