Scientific Laboratory Solutions

Scientific Laboratory Solutions

Research development, and quality laboratory managed solutions

As your partner, our goal is to help ensure new drug candidates or food products are brought to market more quickly and cost-effectively. Our managed solutions can assist with product safety evaluations and review; recall testing; and new product launch and training programs.

We help scientific laboratories and organizations acquire, train, and retain highly qualified, passionate scientists for the long-term. We'll ensure your lab is equipped with the supplies and resources needed to perform experiments and tests in a timely fashion.

Our focus is on enhancing the effectiveness of your laboratory through: 

  • Management and accountability of laboratories to ensure FDA requirements are met and all are trained in cGLP and/or cGMP
  • Facilitation, validation, and authorization of new techniques and equipment that are designed to improve the operations of scientific laboratories and organizations
  • Documentation and delivery of all research and development results to scientific management
  • Expertise in managing food and drug laboratory and research and development testing 

Our specialized scientific laboratory solutions include:

Analytical testing 

  • HPLC; flow cytometry
  • Stability testing
  • Dissolution assay runs
  • In vitro/In vitro testing responsibility
  • Sterile cellular/tissue culture technique
  • Gas chromatography/Mass spectroscopy testing


  • Prepare pre-defined solution formulations
  • Project compound fulfillment
  • Formulation solubility and stability testing
  • In vitro analysis
  • Microsomal stability and protein binding
  • DMPK conducting bioanalysis of PK; PK/PD
  • High throughput screening
  • Formulation and screening of natural extracts
  • Microbiology testing on marketed products and new product development

Laboratory and chemical maintenance

  • Solution preparation
  • Raw material testing
  • Batching
  • End-to-end responsibility for 100 percent of "raw" materials used in labs
  • Supply ordering, receiving, storage, inventory
  • Veterinary technical services
  • Equipment calibration and validation
  • Robotic systems operation and maintenance
  • Set up, removal, assistance, in instrumentation education/research sessions

Facility management

  • Water quality testing - microbial
  • Air quality testing - microbial
  • Glassware and supply washing
  • Sterilization, autoclaving
  • Animal husbandry services
  • Storage room maintenance
  • Waste removal hazardous/nonharzardous