Independent Contractor Solutions

Independent Contractor Solutions

Safe Access to Critical Talent

The competition for high-end skilled talent continues to intensify and is exacerbated by a growing percentage of the workforce that prefers a free agent work style. Companies must determine how to access the freelance and independent contractor population and minimize the exposure to costly penalties that can result from improper classification.

Engaging independent contractors is complex and can be costly.

Do you know:

  • How your access to critical, independent talent can be improved?
  • If your classification processes for contingent workers are keeping pace with regulatory requirements?

As a leading global workforce solutions provider, KellyOCG offers an IC solution that provides an efficient means to classify and engage this valuable contingent workforce, so you get all the benefits with minimal risks. Our complete IC solutions include:

  • Evaluation and recommendation of worker status
  • Consolidated invoicing, pay agent, and spend management services
  • On-boarding and administration of outsourced talent
  • Flexible payroll options
  • Risk assessment and identification
  • Issuing of 1099s on behalf of the client
  • Document completion, collection, and maintenance

Schedule a consultation with one of our solutions architects to learn more about how our IC solutions can minimize your exposure to penalties while improving your access to critical talent.