Engineering Managed Solutions

Engineering Managed Solutions

Your goal is to develop innovative products that move the world. In the complex engineering industry, that’s not a simple task. But think about what would happen if your top engineers could focus solely on what they do best, and the engineering support functions were operating at peak performance. This combined efficiency could yield innovative products that surpass your expectations – and the world’s expectations as well.

This scenario can best be achieved with the right people and processes, and that’s where BPO can help. With a strong background in engineering and workforce management, our solutions are comprehensive, incorporating lean thinking, operational expertise, and top talent from a single provider.


Our BPO engineering solutions include:

Design engineering services
  • Packaging engineering
  • Eletrical/electronics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Chemical engineering
Operation services  
  • Quality engineering
  • Industrial manufacturing engineering
  • Facilities and maintenance engineering
  • Environmental health and safety engineering
Engineering support services 
  • CAD support
  • Document control
  • Product validation and testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Sustaining engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Engineering lab management and support
  • Engineering document management
  • Bill of material construction and maintenance
  • Engineering change notice control
  • Engineering field services 


Production Operations Managed Solutions

Productivity and quality directly affect the bottom line in the manufacturing environment.

With a strong background in manufacturing and workforce management, we bring Lean thinking, operational expertise, and top talent to the table as your single point of contact.

We'll be your partner, taking on the production responsibility and seamlessly integrating into your process to deliver full service Production Operations Management for functions including:

  • Contract assembly and packaging
  • Manufacturing engineering services
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Quality engineering
  • Industrial and facilities engineering
  • Process re-engineering
  • Line layout and design
  • Yard management