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Career Transition Services

For thousands of professionals, The Ayers Group has been a positive force in their lives - helping them to negotiate successful career moves. Our services range from cost-effective, internet-based solutions, to highly individualized assistance for executives and professionals whose transitions involve taking new positions within organizations, starting businesses and consulting firms or retirement. We have worked with employees at all levels, including CEOs, senior executives, managers, individual contributors and support staff.

Through our prestigious co-ownership of Career Partners International, we have 175 offices worldwide and can immediately deploy seasoned professionals across the globe to help your organization prepare, implement and manage the impact of restructuring.

We offer a full range of individual career transition programs, with our Career Partner 24x7 as a centerpiece. This is a web-based service that provides the tolls for personal and financial assessment, resume building, interview preparation and job offer evaluation.

Our Career Transition portfolio includes the following customizable services:

Executive Level Career Transition - provides complete analysis of future opportunities and the strategic development and execution of comprehensive self-marketing plans to reach those options. The focus is on the candidates individual needs, and will address entrepreneurial, corporate and all relevant career directions. Professional support and individualized coaching will be provided at The Ayers Group facilities.

Professional Level Career Transition - provides one-on-one consulting, instructional seminars, peak performance groups, video-taped role-playing sessions, networking support and clerical assistance. We partner with each person to provide critical feedback, strategy and support. Our candidates have access to any of our more than 175 offices around the world for the duration of their service. These services range from one month to one year, and are customized to fit each individuals needs.

Career Advancement Program - This is a results-oriented and versatile job search program that combines the guidance and advice of a professional career consultant with online content and resources. Candidates can work at their own pace and control their own schedule. The web-based tool complements our support, materials and guidance to build a strategy for an effective and efficient job search.

Group Career Transition Programs - For the company seeking a cost-effective solution for departing employees, our group career transition programs provide short, comprehensive services, designed to get participants well prepared within a condensed time frame. For participants, we offer one-, two- and three-day workshops with a curriculum spanning all the necessary job search elements to help them prepare for and succeed in finding their next professional opportunity.

Active Life Planning Services - One of lifes most important transitions occurs when exiting the corporate world. People are no longer embracing traditional retirement; they want or need new forms of "work". Our Active Life Planning services lead people through the transition from corporate life into the next phase. Our Active Life Planning services also address companies needs to retain intellectual capital and retain talent by implementing effective succession plans.

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