The FORTE Online Assesment

 The FORTE Online Assessment



Forté is an impactful, highly accurate communication style profile, 
used globally & validated for over 30-years for personal development 
at all levels and sizes of organizations. 

How influential are your key people?

How well do they know and use their strengths?

How are your people handling uncertainty and coping with change? Would your people like to be able to communicate more confidently and more effectively than ever before? And would you like to be able to be able to measure that progress? If so, Forté is your solution.


What is it?

The Forté Communication Style Profile will provide your people with a detailed report of who they think they are, how they are adapting currently to the work environment and how they are most likely coming across to others.

The individual learns what their communication style is and how this most likely impacts on others.

Forté measures communication strengths which it categorizes into four areas, Decision, People, Pace and System. It provides a full description of each person’s primary strength, secondary strength, and two sub-strengths. The primary strength can be as much as 60% of an individual’s communication style preference.

The report also details
  • Respondent leadership style. Forté identifies each individual’s leadership style, their preferred way of accomplishing goals.  
  • Sensitive areas. Forté helps us recognize signs of frustration, to help diffuse them proactively.  
  • Potential reactions. By understanding, in advance, our potential reactions to sensitivities, we help ourselves and others avoid non-productive reactions  
  • Self-motivators & Demotivators. Forté shares a comprehensive list of the factors that most motivate & demotivate the individual.  
  • Current logic style. How the individual makes decisions, through reliance on facts or feelings, this is an important element of the ongoing decision making process.  
  • Current stamina level. Your stamina level is a measure of how “Up for it” you are feeling, This is a key factor in the development and maintenance of high levels of productivity.
  • Current adapting profile analysis. This describes how the respondent is adapting from their primary strength to their current environment.  
  • Current goals index. How you feel about achievement of current goals, or your level of satisfaction toward accomplishment in their current environment. The stamina and goals indices together can be used to indentify if an individual or team is high performance or “burn-out”.  
  • Current perceiver profile. This lets the respondent know how they are “most likely” coming across to others now and, typically, for the next 30 days
  • The Forté communication strategy. This crisp, to-the-point strategy coaches the respondent on how to best communicate the internalized feelings that may not be coming across to others as intended.
  • Trending Graphs. These are provided for all of the above, meaning that Forté is not a once-then-done report, it develops and grows with the individual and can become a lifetime coach for successful professional development   

Business Benefits
  • The level of self-awareness achieved through Forté gives people a significant head start in improving their interpersonal skills and strengthening work performance
  • The report focuses on a person’s strengths thereby encouraging positivity
  • This report is effective and useful in everyday communications – it encourages the development of real-life objectives and goals based on the report findings
  • Forté is not a once-then-done report, it recognises that individuals adapt to their environment and provides the individual with strategies to cope with those changes
  • The questionnaire is online & quick and easy to complete
  • It works – The majority of individuals that have used Forté believe it to be highly accurate and believe that it has resulted in improved work performance 

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Chief Consultant
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