Business Process Operation Methodology

Business Process Operation Methodology

Our BPO Operating Model ensures consistent, predictable results while minimizing business disruption. It is the foundation of our client service delivery. The objective of this methodology is to develop solutions that deliver the process improvements necessary to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Kelly's BPO Operating Model is comprised of five key areas:

Operating Model BPO

Lean Thinking

A method of eliminating waste through process flow.
The principles of Lean Thinking are used to develop KellyBPO managed Solution client programs. It is simple philosophy of reviewing current processes, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing small changes that allow for major improvement.

Every BPO manages solution uses such tools as value stream mapping, workplace organization, and the creation of visual environments to promote Lean Thinking.

Total Quality Management

Aligning people, processes, and management systems to ensure compliance with client objectives.
Every Kelly BPO managed solution follows processes for Total Quality Management, including staffing analysis, measures, and standard operational procedures to ensure the highest level of quality for our clients.

Performance Management

Elevate BPO

A standardized system to manage employee performance and to achieve client expectations with programs that promote career development and employee satisfaction.
Each Kelly BPO managed solution follows a Performance Management Process including terms such as performance reviews, growth and development programs (GDP), certification programs, cross-training programs, productivity bonus programs, and safety programs that are customized based on client needs and requirements.


A standardized system for providing key information to all levels of an organization in a timely effective manner. 
Communication tools include operations manuals, customer reviews, satisfaction surveys (employee and client), newsletters, communication boards, and escalation procedures. Client business reviews to understand and document the performance of the operation.

Continuous Process Improvement

A program that promotes continuous, incremental improvements throughout all aspects of the business function. 
Continuous Process Improvement includes a detailed audit process, business planning process, and 5-phase incident reporting (root cause analysis) - with the objective of cost containment/reduction & productivity enhancement. We document the CPI events and include the results in our regular client business reviews.