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About Career Partners International (CPI)

The Ayers Group is a co-owner of Career Partners International (CPI), a unique corporate partnership of independently-owned career management firms throughout the world. CPI was formed in 1987 when the leaders of a multi-regional group of career management firms (each of which was known in its own area as a provider of excellent services) joined forces. They did so in order to offer clients in the quickly changing global market place: (1) and international scope of services of assured quality and (2) cutting-edge services that are constantly assessed and improved as a result of shared experience, knowledge and vision.

The specific advantages of client of our inclusion in this partnership include:

  • Access to worldwide facilities. Participation in CPI is highly selective; the independent firms included in the partnership must adhere to high standards of quality in terms of facilities, support and service
  • Cost-effective, international services
  • The most up-to-date, dynamic services available 

Through the combined forces of our member firms, we have created a partnership that offers unparalleled career management services. Although our reach is, literally, worldwide, we can ensure our hallmark and highly personalized services in every location around the world.

Global Locations

North America     International  
Canada  United States       
Alberta Alabama Mississippi Argentina Russia
British Columbia Arizona Missouri Australia Singapore
Manitoba Arkansas Nebraska Belgium South Africa
Nova Scotia California Nevada Brazil South Korea
Ontario Colorado New Jersey Chile Sweden
Quebec Connecticut New Mexico China Switzerland
Saskatchewan Delaware New York Denmark Thailand
  District of Colombia North Carolina France United Kingdom
  Florida Ohio Germany  
  Georgia Oklahoma Greece  
  Hawaii Oregon Hungary  
  Idaho Pennsylvania India  
  Illinois Puerto Rico Indonesia  
    Indiana South Carolina                               Ireland  
  Iowa Tennessee Italy  
  Kansas Texas Japan  
  Kentucky Utah Korea  
  Louisiana Virginia Mexico  
  Maryland Washington Malaysia  
  Massachusetts West Virginia Netherlands  
  Michigan Wisconsin New Zealand  
  Minnesota   Philippines